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Recently I found that Airfix marketed a range of futuristic figures and vehicles called Robogear, I say marketed rather than produced because these were made in Russia and Airfix sold them under licence with there own name on the boxes.

There is a range of figures and vehicles and sold around the mid 2000′s but the information I have is when Airfix were taken over by Hornby the licence was allowed to lapse and no longer sold in the UK.

The figures and vehicles were and still are made by Tehnolog, a company based in Russia along with many other ranges of figures etc.

The figures below are from the Airfix range of the time.

The figures come on a sprue like most kits but the difference with these one’s are that they click together forming a movable figure at the waist and neck, the arms also move up and down.

They do come with paint and a brush although doubt they will get used in my case.

After making up the first figure I find you have two weapon choices complete with arm swops

Below is the same figure in a slightly different pose, the piece laying on the mat is the righthand shoulder armour piece but as yet I can’t figure how it stays on so may have to glue it.

The bases are for the wargames set up and only have one peg of 3mm on one foot so as a trail I found a piece of wood and drilled some random 3mm holes the result is below of the first four pieces made.

On the box is does say made in Russia but no scale is shown, but measure up to 1:48 scale, not a popular one in kits or diecast but 1:48 kits for building planes and trucks can be bought if required and some diecast are made in this scale.

The quality is great with sharp detail, it just remains for me to paint them or find someone that can.

I’m so impressed with them I have been buying up loads of the Robo Gear series including some from Russia I can’t get in the UK

To see the progress with the vehicle kits click on the link below

Robogear vehicles

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