Robogear Vehicles

For the Robogear figures Click Here

I did deliberate on whether to do a separate page for each different vehicle but decided as these kits are click together rather than glued, that to start with each vehicle will be made ‘out of the box’ as it was intended, any adaptions or customising will be dealt with on supplementary pages.

Robogear Hunter

The first vehicle I have made up is the Hunter, well in fact two of them, these came direct from Russia as I found it hard to get these one’s in the UK.

No instructions on the box or inside were supplied so the first one took a bit of trail and error but fairly easy and as with the figures it all clicks together without glue, just as well as I had to take the first one apart a few times.

Impressed with the quality of these as well as the figures, well designed and puts some plastic kit makers to shame.

Not to many moulding lines to remove and clean castings, a nice touch is the real rubber tyres.

I’m not convinced that the cannons are staying and will be looking for alternatives, also the steering wheels are well over scaled and would be about 2ft (600mm) in width and jambs the driver in tight as well, this I will be looking for replacements for these as well.

The first conversion of the Hunter is now underway, to see the progress Click Here

These convert well for Warhammer (including ork’s) and other wargames figures as seen Here on the irondog studios website

Robogear T.Rex

This is the Airfix issue from around 2005 and includes paints and a brush along with basic assembly instructions on the back of the box.

This was a five minute assembly job, really easy, I like the ball joint connection for the legs and feet making it fully adjustable, more of the mould and joint lines are obvious on this one so a bit of cleaning up will need to be done and maybe glue the body together, the machine guns are quite good although drilling a hole in the barrel would help it be slightly more convincing, the rocket launchers are ok but will also be adapted.

A nice touch on this one is the opening and closing canopy, it also comes with a second option of a canopy with blanked out windows seen below to the right, this may be an option as the interior detail is non-existent.

This model is well balanced and stands well in many positions, comes with an operator/driver as in the Hunter above.

As a side note I now have a small collection of Robogear paint building up and after checking the numbers on the lids against my latest Humbrol colour chart have found they all match, so these are Humbrol paints and worth keeping hold of even if not used on these vehicles.

Robogear, Mad Bull

This one took a little longer than the T.Rex and a bit more fiddly especially the canopy, this again has been made as shown on the box with the exception of the firing rocket launchers and instead have used the plastic rocket supplied with the kit, these look much better and wish they had supplied these with the T.Rex.

There are also other weapon options that replace the arms.

Or even a mix of both, I like what looks like exhaust stacks on the back and gives it a bit of a Steampunk look although more likely good Ork material for Warhammer builders.

I have removed the top mounted rocket launcher as it looks over the top and the plastic rockets now reside in the T.Rex rocket carriers and have added one of the Mad Bull guns to the top, just playing at the moment but as you can see the kits can be swopped about quite easily making the options almost endless.

Robogear Varan

Another easy build and comes with spare rockets, I’m guessing these would fire as well as the black missiles supplied, although in this case I left out the firing spring and lever.

The spare oil drum/fuel tank had snapped off in the box so may just remove the other as well.

The driver is from the  Russian Hunter kit which is why it’s silver coloured plastic rather than grey, so far all the Airfix issues are grey plastic and so far the Russian kits have been silver drivers and red or blue metallic finished plastic.

I also have a Russian Varan I am playing with at the moment too, this is in blue plastic but identical to the Airfix version, although shown here with the cannon from the Hunter buggy at the top of this page.

I have a few of these and also building vehicles for 25mm figures, after using the missile launcher for another project from one of the Varan’s I had an idea, to see the Varan conversion Click Here

Robogear Helix

Another tracked vehicle and the tracks are in fact identical to the Varan, a very simple kit on just one sprue rather than the normal two.

I have fitted it with the small crane jib supplied although you also have the rocket launcher as shown on the box lid and some other device I can’t quite fathom, this has an opening canopy and driver.

As already said most of these kits seem interchangeable and below is the Helix with the Varan rocket launchers, they simply click in and click out.

Next I get to open the big starter set, this has 8 vehicles plus more figures.

Robogear Spider

The first to get done out of the box is the Spider, the body and cockpit are almost the same as the Helix

Unlike the walkers this one has fixed position legs but swivel at the top and are in three sets of two, by playing about with different positions you can give the Spider a different stance.

And as with many other parts the guns look over-scaled so again may be adapted or replaced.

The second one from the big starter set can be either Tornado or Hurricane depending on which weapon option you choose, I went for the claw and the saw on this one so that would make it the Tornado.

Robogear Tornado

The main oversized gatling guns don’t have the firing levers fitting as I doubt these will get used.

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