Robogear Hunter, simple conversion

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Here we are with the basic ‘as built’ from the box Robogear Hunter buggies, I had from quite early on decided the big cannons would go but finding something to replace them took a while.

The biggest thing that I didn’t like was the size of the steering wheel, this looked far to big for the vehicle and the scale of the driver, this is a simple conversion as I actually like the overall shape of the Hunter and want to retain it’s look.

I liked the way the original weapons were fixed to the Hunter, with a ball and socket affair, so the idea was to use the ball from the Hunter cannon and fit it to a Games Workshop weapon from the 40K Imperial Guard Cadian Heavy Weapon Team

The weapon already had a pin on it although short so I drilled out the ball and cut off the pin and drilled out the weapon to take a small metal pin of 2mm diameter.

The steering wheel was treated the same way and replaced with one from a scrap 1:32 scale diecast car and an aerial made from some 1mm wire and a small spring.

A few other parts were raided from the 40K Imperial Guard set to complete the job.

Including one of the hand weapons.

Painting next and the whole buggy was sprayed with Panzer grey and detailing added.

The second Hunter will be getting the same treatment.

A bit of light weathering will be next for the buggy so it looks used.

Next for the driver, at the moment he looks a bit like a mini Action Man with dodgy arm joints so a bit of work will be in order before he gets painted

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