Robogear Varan coversion for 25mm wargames figures

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Although the Robogear vehicles are meant for larger scale Robogear figures, playing with vehicle parts gave me an idea.


I had a spare Varan without the missile launcher which I had already used on another conversion for 25mm wargames figures, (see Missile launcher truck below).


So started looking for suitable parts, the open cockpit was enclosed using part of a scrap matchbox diecast fire engine body similar to the picture below.


This was glued in place and any gaps filled and piece of plastic card was used to reduce the front opening.


Next the guns came from a scrap diecast vehicle too.


The hole in the Varan was to big for the guns pin but a simple remedy of gluing a washer in place solved that.

Next a coat of primer and a final fill before painting, this will go the same colour as the missile truck above.


A simple conversion but effective.

Here it is now painted and weathered.


Both of the vehicles already done together, note the Ground Force Zero figure as size comparison.


The third vehicle in for alteration is already planned, keep an eye out.

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  1. Greyson says:

    Hey Great work on this Super well done! I might try something like that myself! Keep up the Great blog Greyson in Va. USA

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