Making a water diorama

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One of the things I’ve been wanting to do is create a water diorama in about 1:72 scale, not sure yet whether it will be a dock side or marina but decided to experiment with resins to make the water, I know there are special resins available to do this but had a litre of clear resin sitting on the shelf so decided to try that.

For this experiment I used a base I made for a small car diorama as this has a 2mm raised edge to contain the resin.

Masking up the edges, I painted the base with a mix poster paints, mainly blue and green with a touch of black.

I then let it dry and mixed some clear resin and poured it in.

This resin has a long set time of about an hour and after 30 minutes I returned to have a look and wasn’t convinced it was dark enough, so mixed up some more and tinted it with blue resin dye, and carefully poured this in and stirred it to mix with the first lot of clear resin which, at this point was still liquid.

I left it over night.

Now I don’t know whether it is the resins normal reaction or the fact I stirred in a second batch of resin, but the effect I got was fantastic and looks just like water ripples.

I will have to experiment more a see if a single pour of tinted resin creates the same effect, but I am pleased with the outcome.

Here it is with boats in place.

To see the boats being made Click Here

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