Moon base display

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After a number of messages and Emails about my moon base display I used at the Whitewebbs Museum exhibition this year I have gathered together the pictures I took of the building process and created this page.

The moon base was created for the September Exhibition after laying out all of my Lone Star Space commanders and decided there must be a better way of displaying them.

Lone Star space commanders collection

It all started with an idea of moon craters, using a spare piece of  used board I cut a ring of 100mm plastic drain pipe and mixed up some filler, I actually used plasterboard adhesive as that’s what I had laying around, once mocked up a second crater ring was made from plastic card and glued down.


More filler and the scene was set now to make it look better.


Next a lot more layers of filler to make the craters look more realistic.


For a covering I used block paving jointing sand although fine silver sand would work, the first layer I fixed by sprinkling over pva, allowing to dry and shake off excess.

Before I started on the sand layers I sprayed the edges of the board matt black.

I decided I needed more control and made a simple sprinkler from an old plastic pot by drilling holes in the lid like a pepper pot.


A few more coats of pva and sand gave the desired effect.


On the day there were many positive comments on the finished base making all the time spent making it worthwhile.


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