Tinplate Toy, Metalmania MF 742 and others

by Peter
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I don’t have a lot of tinplate toys but have always had a love of the brightly coloured space and sci-fi toys including robots, this one came my way recently, and embodies all of the above.


This one has the box and is marked as Metalmania MF742 and made in China.

As with many tinplate toys this has a friction drive with a clacking sound.


There is another I found listed on the internet called the flying boat, is similar but has a rubber pilots head instead of the robot, interestingly enough this is also marked as MF742.


These are 330mm long

Another similar toy is only 190mm, called the Rocket Racer with the model number as MF735 and this particular one has a rubber head too.

rocket racer

It does seem the plastic or rubber head is a common addition to many of the modern tinplate toys, another I have is a motorbike and sidecar, little is known about the maker, who I believe is QSN. Note the similar head as in the flying boat above

Tinplate motorbike1

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