Gn15 narrow gauge, model railway

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Generally Gn15 Models are G scale trains running on HO/OO (16.5 mm/​0.65 in) track, thus representing minimum gauge and miniature railways. Typical models built between 1:20.3 and 1:24, but scales from 1:22.5 to 1:29 have been used. Despite the often contentious scale name debates prevalent in the large scale community, the Gn15 community has universally accepted the term Gn15 as the name for this scale over other possible names.

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Picture ;,  The Sidelines Kits Gn15 demo layout

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Since dismantling my OO layout when I moved I have since looked at other options namely narrow gauge, firstly being mainly an OO collector I looked at OO9 and HOe scales, both being of the same scale I was used to but using N gauge track size, I decided it was too small and my eyes are not improving with age.

Gn15 was a term unknown to me a year ago and the first real layout I saw was at an Exhibition about a year ago, (see first picture on this page ) and since seeing this small mining layout had an idea of building something similar, finding the picture above also inspired me to start.

As it’s a scale I know little about sourcing parts and rolling stock has proved hard and thought a couple of times about building everything from scratch, then by chance a search on Ebay came up with a Gn15 loco kit partly built and painted complete with running chassis, I bid and I won the auction, at the very least I now had a bench mark to work from.

We will start this page with this Loco I bought from Ebay, made of resin parts.


My research revealed the loco kit came from Pepper7 or blackdogmining ( I have since ordered parts from this supplier)

The chassis is from Leopold Haling

The main assembly had been done but gives me a good idea of scale and detail to possibly also build scratch built stock.

Since it runs on 16.5mm track. any OO/HO track will do for testing but it looks like the track will need to be hand made for this scale.

In the intrim I have a few chunky lengths of old Wrenn fibre based track I will use (seen next to standard modern OO track).


Next I needed to sort out a driver, again research revealed a likely source in America called

I ordered a sample figure and very impressed with the detail, so will in the future be ordering more.


More pictures of the first loco




See also, scratch built loco project, Click Here

Other figures I have bought are from Germany and made by Preiser


These come ready painted and a really high quality, seen with the loco below.

Gn15 scale



Since I wrote this article the project came to a halt as I really struggled with the track, the Wrenn fibre based track is almost impossible to still get and ready made is expensive and limited, the other day I was sorting through a lot of old Triang stock I was going to sell and came across some old Triang series 3 track almost worthless these days, so as I had some time set up with the above loco’s to see how it looked

Gn15 6

The sleeper spacing is quite good and having a heavy gauge rail makes this believable, some work will need to be done with it and as it is a set track makes the overall layout bigger than intended, the points are going to need some serious work but overall I think I can make this work.

Gn15 7

The truck is from the Raiders of the lost ark action figure series and will be heavily altered to work with the layout.

Triang series 3 trck is as cheap as chips at the moment so have since bought a lot more for net to nothing.


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