Gn15, scratch build loco project #1

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This loco started out as a bit of fun and built from an old Triang OO gauge dock shunter as I have a few of these that had seen better days I have also converted others for my future OO gauge layout and can be seen here.

Starting with a good chassis, I need to clear one side for the cab area, in the picture below is the standard chassis.


By altering the wiring, reversing the dock shunter light mount a clear area is achieved and although this is the front of the chassis it will now become the rear.


Only the bonnet or nose of the dock shunter body is being used and with the remainder cut away I can start creating the rest from plasticard.


I started with the base plate and cut around all raised areas on the chassis this is 2mm plasticard.


With the bonnet section in place I decided to remove the lower lip and leave the tool boxes intact.


Much neater, the moulding grill was also removed and a new one added, this was made from material I had laying around for other projects.


The cab area was made from 2mm plasticard and the driver tested for seating position.


Some of the parts I am using came from Steve at  Pepper7 or blackdogmining, these are resin parts such as the buffer beams and coupling blocks, also the controls for the cab.

s254462410783864984_p97_i1_w444 s254462410783864984_p100_i1_w250


The buffer beams were built up with 2mm plasticard and side supports and the front one fitted, the rear needs some of the chassis metal removed and I have marked it below what needs removing.


Cut and trimmed ready for rear buffer beam.


Rear buffer beam fitted.


Next the coupling blocks.


Before I fit these I have drilled a 1mm hole ready for the pins that will later act as coupling pins.


A coat of primer to show up any filling that needs doing and have also made up a gearbox cover in the cab.


Next will be further detail and seat.

Seen here with the kit built loco from a previous article


More soon

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