Knightwing shunter projects

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For a while I was looking at getting one of these kits, just to have something different, so bought one a while back on


It sat unopened for months waiting for me to decided what to do with it and tracking down a powered chassis for it.

As luck would have it a friend had already part built one and had a Black Beetle chassis with it, he no longer needed it so sold the whole thing to me.


He had made the chassis fit and had added extra weight.


The chassis out of the body seen below.


I left it on the shelf in front of my work bench as was still undecided whether I liked it as it was, finally I took the plunge and cut off the back chassis behind the cab line.


This made it look so much better, I also removed the bonnet handrails to replace with something a bit finer.

Now ready for paint I have choosen GWR loco green for this one, most diesel cab interiors are grey so this has also been done. Some of the handrail holes have also been filled.



With the basic painting done, the cab glazed and the driver fitted, next will be some finer detail.

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