Fleischmann HO shunter, refurbishment

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Today my Fleischmann HO shunter arrived from Germany, that’s just a week to get here, it’s in good condition and runs well although paint on roof and lining will require a small amount of work.

This is a plastic body on a cast metal chassis so with the added weights inside this is a heavy little diesel, I have seen this in red and in green at the time of writing.


I don’t have much continental rolling stock as yet but here have added my French Hornby livestock wagon (also known as HOrnby acHO) these are hard to come by but will build a rake of these over time as I find them for reasonable prices, the body on the loco is better than I expected and just needs a soapy wash.


Altough pretty sound overall, after a clean I decided, this one will get re-painted and maybe the addition of glass.

I’m not going mad with detailing on this one but after a service and a spell on the wheel cleaner, she runs like a dream, so will be nice to use it on the layout.


I decided on green, with a grey roof and blacked out chassis.


The glass will have to be hand cut for this and a bit of detailing paint wise.
Love the original Fleischmann couplings, a bit like Triang mini tension couplings, only problem is they run a bit higher than Hornby etc so may have to go, I will wait until I decide where it will be used before changing couplings.

The end buffer beams are flat steel painted with wasp stripes, I haven’t re-done these as are in good condition and a bit of damage adds to the look I think.

A final bit of detailing and there it is, still glazing yet to do and not happy with the painting to the raised numbers so will do it again.


The coaches are old Triang stock re-painted, see them being done Here

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