Hornby, Bagnell shunter re-paint

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It’s not often I buy new loco’s mainly because of the cost, but when Hornby released this little Bagnell shunter for just under £30.00 I had to have one.


It’s issued in the Railroad range, so has basic detailing and features but good quality, as with many modern Hornby shunters the running is smooth.

This is Hornby No R3283 and is a over sized version of the real thing, the red is very obviously plastic so even though it’s new I decided a re-paint would suit this well.

The basic colour change I decided on was olive drab and completely transformed this little engine, I’m not going mad with it but a few further details are yet to be added.


Being a loco from the Railroad series, one thing not fitted was the step markers even though the hole are clearly visable at the front, so the first job is to make some as Hornby spares dept don’t seem to stock them.


With a few added painted details such as the grey cab roof and exhaust stack, red coupling rods, it starts to look much better, the air horn on the roof was salvaged from a scrap HO loco and the vacuum pipes Hornby supplied have been fitted.

At some point I will add a number but until I decide where it will be used I will leave for now.


Since this one has been seen I have done 3 more for other railway modellers with WD decals seen below, this also had the same horn fitted although the owner, Steve had already fitted Hornby step markers.



Also another, picture from Steve, the layouts owner of the WD version above.

Steves, Bagnell 2

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