Triang coach restoration

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Must of bought these a few years back at a boot sale, was only a couple of £’s, didn’t know at the time they were Triang, anyway found them again while looking for something else, they should be yellow plastic but have been badly hand painted, so into the stripping tank they went and should be clean for my next workshop visit in a few days, they will get painted, they actually look quite good in green.


These came as part of a clockwork set in bright yellow plastic, they are nothing special but I do like them.


With 48 hours in the dipping tank containing nothing but neat Dettol disinfectant, the paint was easily removed with an old toothbrush, and look like new.

Triang coaches 2

The Triang coaches are coming along, bodies re-painted dark green with grey roofs, chassis repainted because they already had been, went for a more European grey rather than the brown they were, coupling posts were split so filled with an epoxy filler and re-drilled them ready for new couplings, started to add passengers, a few more to do yet, then glaze the bodies and should be done.


With the bodies glazed and a few more passengers added the coaches can be re-assembled, some of the people have had their feet cut off to fit.


Finally back on the tracks







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