Triang R858 shunter restoration

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The R858 is quite a scarce loco, although wouldn’t call it rare, that said these seem to change hands from £50 upwards, a few week ago I came across one one Ebay for under a quarter of that and although badly hand painted with thick red paint decided to go for it.

Triang barcley1

The chassis is held in by two side tabs and then easily drops out.

Triang barcley2

This chassis/ motor set up has been used in the R852T 0-4-0 ‘Continental’ Tank Locomotive, below you can see the same side tabs holding in the chassis, the same fitting system was also used for the clockwork version.


The redesign of the body was to get the wider motor in along with the plastic chassis, no doubt a budget issue for the younger railway modeller.

After cleaning the wheels it ran well, I have been told this is only a 6 volt motor so if you have one be careful not to burn it out on a standard 12 volt model rail transformer.


Here it is after two days in the dipping tank containing nothing but neat Dettol disinfectant, the paint was easily removed with an old toothbrush, there are some small stubborn bits of paint on the roof around the roof hatch but another day in the tank and all should be fine.

The picture below shows the R858 next to a standard Triang 0-4-0 shunter


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