Triang low loader conversion

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This was a challenge at to what it should become, I got for a bargain £1 at a recent bootsale, this was part of the Triang Battle Space series in the sixties and would of had a working search light and radar dish on the top, for some reason Triang Battle Space rolling stock command high prices in good condition, but I can safely say this is not one of them.


This was in effect a military wagon so with that in mind and the fact my layout will have a military theme, this will become a heavy vehicle transporter.

Firstly the body was removed and the old bent and rusty couplings thrown away


A good clean and  get ready for a re-paint, the bogies are riveted and without major work to remove and replace them decided to leave them in place.


Masking was just a matter of fitting small bags over the bogies and taping them up.

Once painted, I added some extra weight as these are very light and from experience will derail easy, a few brass rods are glued in the body channels and new couplings fitted..


I decided to make a solid bed for the low loader, and I am using real wood coffee stirring sticks, the scale works out as 12 inches by 3 inches per board so about right for heavy transport.


Once glued and dry, a real wood stain was used.


The load will be this army truck from the Amercom partworks series, this was the only one I bought and was not pleased with the finish the guns on the back were bent and there is glue all over the windscreen, it got put to one side rather than thrown out as I knew one day I will find a use for it.

The fine chain you can see is for lashing the truck to the wagon later but first a bit of work.


The truck is based on a 1968 M35A1

With the guns gone and other parts stripped off, we are going to cover this truck with a tarpaulin, a block of wood is glued in as a former.


We are going to use a good quality tissue paper for the tarpaulin and cotton for rope.

First I need to work out the size of the tarpaulin I need, I want it to wrap the body of the truck and cover the windscreen.


Once done we can start gluing down with a mix of PVA glue and water.

Starting at the top and working down the sides just lightly dab with your glue/water mix then do the ends, careful though or it may tear.


while still wet loop your rope around where you want it, allow it to pull in the tissue and leave until dry, normally 24 hours before handling or painting.


Now you start to get a feel for the whole project, the boarding on the low loader has been darkened even more with weathering liquid.


Next the painting, the tarpaulin has been given a sheen, a bit like the old fashioned tarpaulins used to be, not like the cheap light weight ones today.


The truck, tarpaulin and the low loader body have also been lightly weathered, there is more work to do before I can finally lash the truck permanently to the wagon with the chains.

This article will be updated as soon as the next stage is done.

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