Tri-ang pressed steel cranes

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I have had a few people ask me why I have little or no Tri-ang branded models or toys on the website, and must admit it is a brand I have neglected to write about much although a few articles are already on here, (see links at bottom of this page) so to remedy that here we are.

Tri-ang was in fact a trading name of  Lines Bros Ltd, The brothers George and Joseph Lines made wooden toys in the Victorian era, their company being G & J Lines Ltd. Joseph was the active partner while George went into farming. Joseph had three sons, who formed Lines Bros Ltd soon after First World War. They were William, Walter and Arthur Lines. Three Lines making a triangle – hence Tri-ang.

Many changes were made to the company including buying out many others, see links below.

Known early on for their pressed steel toys many toys were made including various cranes.


This  Tri-ang crane is marked as a Jones KL44 crane, this Jones KL44 was Tri-ang’s  most successful crane . It was sold in three variations. With a bucket, with a Priestman grab and one with an electro magnetic grab with a  battery box with an on and off switch.


To see the complete Tri-ang crane range across the years see

Triang R.A.F. Jib crane released in 1962, below.

Triang crane

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