Triang diecast tractors

by Peter
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Triang were well known for their diecast ranges the models below are slightly more obscure, from the Jumbo series.

Firstly the more common of the two is the Triang Tugster number 37a, available in blue, metallic green and red.

Triang Tugster 1

Triang Tugster 2

There are two trailer types for this model, one standard type that fits on the rear  hook and a gooseneck trailer that locates in the hole on the top rear.

Production between 1970 to 1975.

Finally after 1 and a half years the green Triang tugster came up for sale, seen by chance at the Brentwood toy fair in Essex, it came in mint condition and complete with it’s box.

Triang tugster7

Now the tractor and green goose necked tipper trailer I already had are finally paired up.

Triang tugster8

Obviously the search will continue for a blue goose necked trailer.

Below the elusive hay trailer with all four hay stays.

Triang Tugster Hay Trailer

Another Tugster found on Ebay, in yellow and with a hay lift, didn’t know this one existed a week ago, the number may well be different too.

Triang tugster9

The second tractor/loader I have found far less information on.

Triang Loader 1

This is a different casting to the Tugster and have found no real information on the internet or elsewhere, as above colours seen are blue, yellow and green, many seen with cab missing.

Triang Loader 2

The lever that can be seen in the cab operates the loader arm up or down.

Triang Loader 3

Finally both Triang models together, scale wise, hard to say for sure but 1:28 to 1:32 would be a reasonable guess.

Triang Tugster -Loader

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