Triang Hi-Way pressed steel truck

by Peter
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In 1966 a new Tri-ang range of pressed steel vehicles which was the Hi-Way series and branded as ‘modern trucks for modern children’ was produced.

One I have is the tipper and pre-dates 1969 as the wheel centres changed in 1969 to a moulded centre rather than the flat disc.


Wheel type after 1969

triang wheel type 2

This Triang tipper  has been lightly restored, rather than re-painted, I have taken it apart a good clean including the glass and put back together, I think it looks better this way.


On the subject of glass, there are two types, the one above is a rigid  clear plastic and quite hard, the glass unit has the screen and back window attached by the top only an can crack easy, the second type had side pieces that can be seen through the side windows as seen below.

This type is a softer plastic and distorts over time as can also be seen in the picture close up.

triang windows

My second Truck would of had coloured wooden bricks in the back.

Triang HiWay 4

Triang HiWay 5


Many collectors don’t like this later toy, although I like them as they stem from my era.

This series would continue through to the end of Tri-ang in 1973.

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