Vauxhall Guildsman

by Peter
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I do like to make a connection between the model and it’s real counterpart, with concept cars sometimes there is no real car to compare it to.

This article is inspired by a concept car, one that was designed but never built as a full size car, but the story behind it  is really interesting, so today we will be looking at the Matchbox Vauxhall Guildsman and the inspiration behind it.


My own models are both Matchbox although different colours both are quite common versions but other colours have been produced, again many were made in Bulgaria and they seemed to release loads of different colours on all the models they produced, these were Matchbox castings although made and assembled in Bulgaria after a deal was done with Matchbox.

This was No 40 in the Matchbox 1-75 Superfast range and released in 1972, the glass is green and has been seen with yellow and even clear glass.

This was a concept car designed way back in 1969 by Phil Gannon who entered a design competition and came third, Matchbox approached Vauxhall to produce a model from one of the thousands of designs submitted over the five year period and Phil Gannon was the only one chosen.

To put things into perspective, in 1969 the average Vauxhall looked like this.

But even though the real Vauxhall Guildsman was never made, what a honour to still to this day see your design all over the internet as a model produced in their thousands, would love to know what he went on to design.


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